4408 CP-30/MC-31 Firmware Feature Release
Posted by Shikand Satheesh on 18 January 2018 08:45 AM

Firmware version 4408 is a feature release for CP-30 processor modules and MC-31 communications modules. Note that this version will not work on G-30 based RTUs.

What is a feature release ? See here Firmware Types

New Features:

  • Webserver
    • Displays RTU status, ISaGRAF variables , RTU configuration and allows download of service report via web browser. HTTP protocol has now been added to allow configuration of the WEB server function in the RTU. The protocol may be enabled for any Ethernet port on the CP-30. Requires Toolbox PLUS version 4.2.0 in order to enable the HTTP protocol.
  • DNP3 File Transfer
    • RTU configuration or firmware can now be upgraded using DNP3 file transfer commands. Toolbox PLUS version 4.2.0 is required in order to create the required configuration package, which can then be downloaded to the RTU using a SCADA system.
  • Security
    • During startup, firmware files are validated using MD5 checksums. If any are found to be missing or corrupted then the CP30 will flash the OK and F3 LEDs and will not attempt to start operating
    • Modbus RTU and Modbus ASCII ports can now be set to “master only” operation, where all slave functionality is disabled. Requires Toolbox PLUS version 4.2.0
    • DNP3 protocol ( Master and Slave) now has the ability to set the incoming and outgoing TCP/UDP port number. Requires Toolbox PLUS version 4.2.0
  • Diagnostics
    • Digital output changes from I/O modules are now logged in the service report
    • Any route changes to devices are now logged in the service report
    • With the upgraded Linux kernel it is now be possible to capture and log a stack trace when an exception occurs at the firmware level
  • Toolbox PLUS 4.2.0 related changes. Other than the changes required for the above new features, following features are now added.
    • Toolbox PLUS will install alongside a prior release. This means there can be multiple release versions now installed on the same machine.
    • A new Menu Item “/Tools/Build and Export” has been added to allow users to define the storage location of Configuration and Logic Files. This allows them to be more accessible when downloading to the RTU via DNP3 file transfer

Changes and Improvements:

  • Upgrade Linux kernel from 3.14.25 to 4.5.4, and upgrade associated third party software packages, in order to take advantage of security and performance improvements
  • The backplane slots that are not configured in the project can be forced scanned when an RTU status from Toolbox PLUS is performed
  • The default state of a DNP3 point’s online flag can be set, using the new DnpDefaultOnline column in Toolbox PLUS version 4.2.0 spreadsheet export/import
  • Various other protocol ( including DNP3) fixes and improvements to RTU operation have been done in this release. Please refer to release notes for details.

Important: Before starting the upgrade, check the existing firmware version by connecting to the module using Toolbox PLUS, and pressing Status. If the existing firmware in the CP30/MC31 module is earlier than version 2874 then it is not possible to directly upgrade to this release. Please download an intermediate firmware version such as version 2874 (available in the Archived Versions section of the website downloads page) and upgrade to this version first. Once this version has been successfully installed, you can then proceed to upgrade to the current release.

Important: After installing this upgrade, if you wish to subsequently downgrade back to a version earlier than version 4165, this will require an additional step. First, download the following package from helpdesk: CP30_MC31_firmware_v4040_downgrade_edition.tgz. Use this to downgrade the RTU firmware in the normal way. Once this has completed, you can then downgrade the firmware to any earlier release. Please refer to this article for more information on firmware upgrade and download compatibility.

Please see attached release notes for CP-30 firmware version 4408 which details changes made in this and previous versions of firmware.

Click on following filenames to download:

(MD5 = 90F784E76B818EF5E8ABD101932F5EEF) 

 - Firmware file for CP-30 and MC-31 only
CP30 Firmware 4408.pdf  - Release notes for this firmware version 
CP30 Firmware 4408 Known Issues.pdf  - Known issues for this firmware version

Toolbox PLUS 4.2.0 Release

- ToolboxPLUS version required to support the new functionalities
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