Interfacing Kingfisher RTUs to external RADIO
Posted by Jayashree Dinesh
Interfacing Kingfisher RTUs to External radios. 

This article explains how to interface Kingfisher RTU to an external radio. 

There are many different types of radios supported by Kingfisher RTUs. These various types external radios uses different RTU Comms options, port types and cables. 

There are basically two types  of radios used with the Kingfisher devices :

             Analog radios
without an inbuilt modem and
             Digital radios which have inbuilt modem and uses Ethernet / Serial communication to communicate with the end device.

Analog Radios

The analog radios like Trio MR450 with no modem ( TRIO MR450-H000-DH0) , Trio TC-450SR, TC-900 SR, Maxon SD-125 , Tait T2010  uses the RTU option board fitted with Modem. 

For Example: Comms option L used in CP/MC and Radio board used in PC-1.

There radios have just the radio part which transmits and receives the signal and the modulation and demodulation which is missing in this type of radios are done by the RTU comms options.  

The table shows the RTU port configuration when using these comms option boards.

Digital Radios

Most of the Digital radios have Radio+Modem . Configuring these modems , you have to use a RS232/RS485/ Ethernet connection and treat it as a direct connection. 

The table below shows different radios and the RTU port configuration when using these radios. 

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