Is there an equivalent command to the ER_DNP3 in ISaGRAF?
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Is there an equivalent command to the ER_DNP3 in ISaGRAF?


The ER_DNP3 function block is available in Toolbox 32 software and is used by the Non-ISaGRAF Kingfisher Processor modules (CP-11/12/21, PC-1, LP-1/2/3). It is used to send DNP3 exception reports (unsolicited messages) back to a DNP3 Master (SCADA or another DNP3 device). The ER_DNP3 block allows you to control when to send your unsolicited messages, how many events to send per message and what Class of messages to be sent.


The ISaGRAF Kingfisher Processor Module (CP-30), does not have an ER_DNP3 function block. To achieve the same functionality as the ER_DNP3 function block, the CP-30 needs to be configured appropriately.

As part of the DNP3 protocol settings in Toolbox PLUS, there is an option to enable unsolicited reporting back to the Master. This will allow the CP-30 to automatically send an exception report (unsolicited messages) back to the DNP3 master. 

One of the parameters of the configuration allows you to choose to exception report a specific Class of Data (Class 1 or 2 or 3). As long as the class you have selected matches the class on the data points that you want to be exception reported back to the DNP3 Master, then any changes (change of state or deadband changes) on the data points will be exception reported back to the DNP3 Master.

Note: Refer to Toolbox 32 and Toolbox PLUS manuals for more detailed information on "ER_DNP3" block and "Unsolicited Reporting" respectively.

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