PC-1 module End of Production notice
Posted by Shikand Satheesh

Servelec Technologies advises that the Kingfisher PC-1 RTU (Combined CPU and Power supply module)
will cease production from August 2016.

First released in 1995, the PC-1 has been in production for 21 years, illustrating our commitment to low
cost of ownership and extended lifetimes of Kingfisher RTU systems.

In the Post production phase, we shall endeavour to maintain Spare parts and serviceable items for the
PC-1. Firmware and Driver changes will only be made to correct bugs. Toolbox32 will continue to support the PC-1.

Please find attached detailed announcement.

 Servelec Technologies - Kingfisher PLUS RTUs - PC-1 End of Production notice.pdf (131.41 KB)
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